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Grooming by Kim



Welcome to Orchard Road Animal Hospital's Grooming Department!

My name is Kim. My family and I moved here from Michigan in July 2009. I was a groomer there for 12 years at a large boarding and grooming facility. I was trained there by the head groomer, who was trained by a show groomer. However, I am not a show groomer and I do not do hand stripping. The longest hair cut I do is about 2" long.

If I notice any problems during my grooming (such as skin issues, cysts, seizures, or anything else of medical concern) I will stop grooming and notify you of your pet’s condition. With your permission, I can bring your pet to the treatment area for immediate care by the Doctors and assistants. I must admit, I like having that ability. Nothing is more important than the health and well being of your pet.

I feel that when scheduling a pet for grooming, the appointment should include everything necessary for one price. This base price will include:
Bath: Excellent quality shampoo and conditioner. Hypoallergenic shampoo and oatmeal shampoos are available for pets with allergies.

Blow Out: Forced air dryer

Ears: Will be checked, cleaned, and ear hair plucked (breed specific)

Nails: trimmed (dremel is available for $2 per foot)

Anal Glands: will be checked and expressed externally. Internal anal gland expressions are done by the assistants or technicians, per your request, for an additional cost.

Feet: pads shaved out (breed specific)

Privates: shaved out (breed specific)

Pricing: My pricing is breed specific and based on weight. If your pet is not within the weight range listed, a better estimate can be given at the appointment.

Required Vaccinations: Pets must be current on Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella, and also have a negative stool sample within 12 months. Your pet is not required to be a patient of one of our doctors, but you will be required to bring in current proof of vaccines from your regular veterinarian. These are to ensure that all animals here for grooming are protected.

I do the bathing, blow drying and hair cut myself. This allows me to become more acquainted with each dog. When they become regulars, they will know what to expect each time they come. Limiting the groom to 6 dogs per day allows me to give more quality time to each dog. I can take my time, especially with new dogs, until they become used to the routine.

Your dog's spa day begins when he/she is dropped off between 7:30am - 8:30am, Monday - Friday. I will check them in and find out what you would like for their hair style. During this time you can also ask any questions or concerns you might have to me.

Once everyone is checked in, bathing begins. The dogs getting hair cuts are bathed first, and the dogs getting baths only, are done second. After the bath, the hair is blown out. This allows me to see any skin issues your dog may have. I will make notes about my findings and let you know. The blow out also allows me to loosen up mats and is essential to get out the undercoat. By the time the last dog is bathed, the first dog is dry and ready for their hair cut. While working on one dog, the other dogs are either right there in the room with me or very close by. Most of them go to sleep while I work on the other dogs.

As each dog is completed, the owner is notified that they are ready to be picked up. Many owners drop off before work and pick up after work. This is fine; just let me know so we know when to expect them to go home. Our kennel staff is here all day to make sure they are given water and let outside.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you who have trusted in me to provide grooming for your furry children. I look forward to seeing them again and again. And to the ones I have yet to meet: I know it takes a lot of trust to hand your dog over to someone you've never met, and I will strive to not let you down.


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