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Veterinary Nurse

Yaneli started here at ORAH in 2022. What she loves most about her position is helping the animals she works with as well as their owners. Yaneli enjoys the client education side of things which will be helpful when she reaches her goal to apply to vet school. And of course, she loves seeing cute puppies and kittens all day. Yaneli has 1 sweet rabbit at home named Eevee. She chose to work in the veterinary field because she has a love and a passion for animals and hopes to make a difference in this field by educating others. Some of Yaneli’s hobbies include nature walks, painting, and spending time with friends. Something interesting about Yaneli is that she has received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are so happy to have Yaneli be a part of our team.

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