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At Orchard Road Animal Hospital, we offer boarding and day care for our patients in a warm, clean and caring environment. All of our guests are kept in climate-controlled individual living quarters. Pick up and drop off times are available anytime we are open.

During boarding of your pet, our staff will monitor guests daily and maintain written records of your pet’s health. Each boarding pet receives individual care as well; dogs are given outdoor exercise and cats are given time to play on a cat tree and look out the window.




Dog Accommodations

Boarder's Fenced-In Exercise Area

Boarder's Fenced-In Exercise Area

Deluxe Accommodations:

Deluxe kennel runs

Includes daily maid service, two daily exercise periods, and room service meals. You are welcome to bring your own bedding.

Deluxe VIP Accommodations:

Deluxe cage with bedding

Includes daily maid service, three daily exercise periods, room service meals, a fleece blanket, and a Daily Activity Journal.

Luxury Accommodations:


Includes a gated tiled room, a raised cot, a fleece blanket, daily maid service, three daily exercise periods, room service meals, and a Daily Activity Journal. Small, Medium, and Large rooms available.

Luxury Medium Accommodations with Raised Cot and Bedding

Luxury Medium Accommodations with Raised Cot and Bedding

Cat Accommodations

Feline Horizontal Condo

Cat Condos:

Kiwi in cat condo feling boarding (2)

Includes multi-level or multi-sectioned condo rooms, daily maid service, and room service meals. Cats are let out to play in their room, enjoying a large cat tree, toys, and a lovely view outside.

Nimby on the cat treeNimby in cat pedestal in feline boardingNimby looking out window in feline boarding (2)

For more information about rates, accommodations and reservations for pet boarding, please contact us here or call (630) 844-0100.

  • Luxury Medium Dog Room
  • Deluxe kennel runs
  • Deluxe Kennel with Bedding
  • Dogs in Deluxe Kennels
  • boarding yard
  • Vertical Cat Condo
  • Horizontal Cat Condos
  • Cat Exercise Area
  • Cat Exercise Area

Boarding Requirements:

In order for dogs to board with us, they need to be current patients (have had an examination with one of our veterinarians within the past year). They also need to be vaccinated for rabies, distemper and bordatella (kennel cough). We also require a negative fecal test done within the past year as well as flea and tick prevention.

Our cat boarders also need to be current patients and have their rabies and feline distemper vaccine. They also need to have a negative fecal test and be on flea prevention.

Boarding requirements for other small animals can vary. Please contact us for more information.

Beyond Boarding

In addition to boarding, Orchard Road Animal Hospital is an AAHA accredited full-service animal health care facility offering a wide variety of services. We look forward to serving you!

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