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Clinic Cats

At Orchard Road Animal Hospital, our team of dedicated animal care specialists includes a full staff of just one clinic cat currently. This freelance feline facilitates a host of duties and adds style and class to our community.

Ed the Clinic Cat is Here to Amuse

The caregivers at Orchard Road Animal Hospital understand that coming to an animal hospital can be a stressful experience for both you and your patient. You are nervous about your pet's help and well-being, while he or she may not only be sick or injured but is also being taken to a strange place with strange people and other animals.

Our in-house prowling feline knows this, too. That's why he is here to provide comfort and comic relief with his silly shenanigans.

Ed makes his home on the front desk counter. With his blanket and space heater, he is usually found napping contently. Just don't pet his belly or his feet!

He also prowls the grounds, making sure that our staff is purr-forming their jobs to purr-fection.



Clinic Cats

My name is Ed and I am a clinic cat. I'm a bit grouchy, and my mood can change faster than you can snap your fingers. If my tail is flicking, beware! ...

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