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Grooming by Kim

Orchard Road Animal Hospital is an animal hospital staffed by experienced veterinarians. Our 6,700 sq. ft. facility offers veterinary services including pet grooming done by our experienced groomer Kim.

Orchard Road Animal Hospital grooming provides comprehensive treatment for one price based on breed and weight. Grooming for your pet will typically include:

  • bath, shampoo and conditioning (available with hypoallergenic products)
  • blow-out with a forced-air dryer
  • inspection and cleaning of ears
  • trimming of nails (dremel available for $2 per foot)
  • external checking and expressing of anal glands (internal expressions by vet techs are available per request at an additional cost)
  • shaving out of feet pads (breed specific) shaving out of privates (breed specific).

Where many shops provide grooming at various stations, Orchard Road Animal Hospital assigns all of your pet’s grooming to one person. Our grooming is also limited to a certain number of pets per day so that each receives greater attention. As a result, your pet quickly becomes comfortable with both the groomer and the procedure.

If any problems or medical concerns are noticed during grooming of your pet, grooming will halt so that you can be notified. With your permission, your pet can then be brought to the treatment area for immediate care.

To learn more or request an estimate for our grooming, please contact us at (630) 844-0100.




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Beyond professional grooming for your pet, Orchard Road Animal Hospital provides multiple amenities such as separate canine & feline reception areas, comfortable exam rooms, a private consultation room, a refreshment bar and a children’s play zone.

All exam rooms are equipped for medical emergencies. An advanced computer system also assists our veterinarians with accurate record-keeping and timely appointments.

Other conveniences include boarding, surgery, dental care, lab & ultrasound services, radiology, hospitalization and medical consultations all in one location.

Contact us at (630) 844-0100 today for more information.

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