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Veterinarian in surgery with nurse

Veterinary Student Externship

Veterinarian in surgery with nurse

HOUSING AVAILABLE - Veterinary Student Externship

**We now offer housing to our interns! Don't let location stand in your way of an amazing experience with our hospital!**

If you want to learn at a practice that makes a difference to the lives of animals and their owners, we want to talk to you!

Orchard Road Animal Hospital is located in Montgomery, Illinois and has been serving the Chicago western suburbs for over 28 years. Our goal is to provide exceptional medical and surgical care for our patients, increase client education, while also creating a work environment that supports career advancement and a healthy lifestyle for our employees. We value personal growth above all, and are seeking a new veterinarian to learn and grow with our team. Come join a group of highly motivated individuals who are dedicated to high quality medicine.

Reasons to Learn with Us:

  • Outpatient care

    • Communicating with & educating clients

    • Exam room procedures

    • Time management

    • Preventative care

  • Inpatient care

    • Medical workups

    • Treatment & intensive care

    • Calculating and administering medication

    • SOAP & medical records

  • Dentistry

    • Routine cleanings

    • Extractions

    • Dental x-rays

  • Surgery

    • Surgical preparation

    • Sterile techniques

    • Surgical procedures including laser surgery

    • Surgical time management

    • Observation

  • Diagnostics

    • Lab analysis

    • Digital x-rays

    • Digital cytology

    • Ultrasound

    • Bronchoscopy

    • Microscope techniques

    • Interpretation

Job Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in school of veterinary medicine with intent to earn DVM degree

  • or, DVM

Contact information:

Please call us at 630-844-0100 for more information!

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