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Special Offers

Complimentary first-time patient exam!

Whether it's a new puppy/kitten or a new senior member, we want to invest in your future and make sure your new furry family member gets the care they deserve! We help support our local animal shelters/rescues by offering complimentary first-time patient exams through the following animal shelters/rescues:

Make sure to mention your pets' place of adoption when calling to set up their first appointment with us! We require that all first-time patients bring any and all previous vaccine and/or health records. This is extremely important when adopting a senior dog or senior cat in order for our veterinarians to accurately treat and monitor any existing health conditions a patient might have. In the case of a new puppy exam or a new kitten exam, vaccine records will help determine what boosters may still be needed. Any additional treatment/vaccines a patient may need will not be included with the free complimentary first-time exam and will be an additional charge.

We offer competitive instant rebates and discounts!

Check with us at your next appointment or call ahead when purchasing:

  • Heartworm Prevention

  • Flea & Tick Prevention

  • Some Allergy Medications

  • Some Arthritis Medications

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