Preventative Care

Preventive Health Care

The most efficient and cost effective way to ensure your pet's well-being is through regular preventative care. We know that you want your furry family members to live long and healthy lives.

Our 6,700 sq. ft. medical facility houses an experienced staff supported by modern medical and laboratory equipment. The hospital features many amenities for client and patient comfort including cat specific areas of the clinic. The hospital provides convenient hours, boarding, surgery, dental care, laboratory services, radiology, hospitalization, ultrasound services and medical consultations all at one location.

Our pet health care services include experienced veterinarians performing a wide variety of surgeries, diagnostic laboratory testing, radiology, hospitalization, dental care, and more. The clinic's state-of-the-art equipment, combined with advanced surgical and health care procedures, means patients receive the best care available.

Many serious medical problems can be avoided with proper care and prevention. Those problems that can't are far more treatable and easily managed when detected in the early stages. Regular tests for heartworms and other parasites, as well as inspections of teeth, gums, and skin, can help ensure that minor conditions don't grow into serious problems.

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