Cat Nutrition Myths - Understanding Proper Cat Nutrition

Are cats obligate carnivores?

Absolutely. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they must have a constant source of meat protein. Cats need meat protein and will not thrive on a vegetarian-based diet. Some may even develop significant heart problems as a result.

Dr. Linda Flieg
Orchard Road Animal Hospital

Is wet food more nutritious than dry food?

Wet food is not more nutritious, but it is important to have an intake of both canned and dry food. Most cats get most of their moisture from their prey in the wild. So, incorporating both wet and dry food into their diet is beneficial.

Are prescription diets better for cats?

Prescription diets are not necessarily better for all cats. They are better for cats with specific health problems such as kidney disease, food-related allergies, and urinary issues. For a healthy cat, a prescription diet is not needed.

Will human food make my cat overweight?

Human food will not necessarily make your cat overweight. However, it is important to be cautious about the types of human food given to cats. Cooked chicken or turkey without salt and seasonings can be okay in small amounts. Avoid dairy and beef.

Should I free feed my cat?

Some cats can self-regulate and do well with free feeding, while others cannot and may over eat. Whether or not to free feed depends on your cat's behavior, the number of cats in the household, and how they eat.

What is the biggest myth about cat diets?

The biggest myth is that cats eat fish in the wild. Another common misconception is that basic cat foods filled with corn-based proteins are sufficient. Cats are obligate carnivores and do better with poultry-based diets. The best food you can afford will lead to a healthier cat with fewer problems.

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