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Training Underway!

We pride ourselves on being a progressive hospital that has set our focus on education not only for our clients, but to our staff as well!

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Horseback Riding Adventure

Even though we are not a large animal clinic, we still love our Equines! Our team left the suburbs and hit the trails out at Cedar Creek Ranch! What a beautiful place to unwind and catch some much-needed relaxation together!

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Fun Scrub Fridays

Fun scrub Fridays are HERE! Every Friday we show off our fun side at work in our change of attire! We have had a ton of fun with this as a team in seeing so many different colors and unique patterns! Feel free to join us every week in changing up the routine!

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Team Pumpkin Carving

We love a good healthy competition! The team rallied together to see who could carve the best pumpkin and show off our artistic abilities! What a great day it was to spend time together with family and friends. Stacy won this year and took home all the bragging rights!

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Mutual Ground Scavenger Hunt

Our team took our skills to the streets of Geneva where we celebrated our involvement with Mutual Ground in a community scavenger hunt! This year we were able to get our staff together to form two teams in their scavenger hunt.

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