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Customer Service Representative

Amy began her journey with ORAH in July of 2021, but her career didn’t start here. She has been in the field for 24 years, a true veteran! Amy loves everything about her career choice; especially the people and animals she meets. Being on the front lines as a CSR, Amy gets the chance to meet and engage with everyone, human and non-human alike. This is one reason she continues to do what she does. Amy has one dog that lives at home with her, a Great Pyrenees mix who came all the way from the woods of Western Kentucky! When Amy isn’t at work, she enjoys using her hands to do any art such as painting, quilting, and wreath making. A fun fact about Amy is that she has been to 11 countries! She loves to travel and isn’t done exploring the world just yet. We are so happy that Amy settled down with our team here at Orchard Road Animal Hospital!

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