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Veterinary Nurse Supervisor

Stacy was with Dr. Flieg when she opened the practice back in 1992. She has worked in the animal field all her life, having worked at pet supply stores prior to starting at a veterinary hospital in Schaumburg. It was here that she first met Dr. Flieg. When Dr. Flieg left to open her own practice, Stacy went with her. In 1997, she took some time off to raise her three daughters and then came back to ORAH in 2008. Stacy has three amazing cats: Stella, Stewart and Sheldon. Here at ORAH she manages and trains the nurses and is also in charge of maintaining all of our hospital equipment which is no small task! She is a great client educator and advocate for her patients. She strives to stay active with new treatments and advancements, continuing to learn more about new products and breakthroughs in veterinary medicine.

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