Quality Health Care for Your Pets

We offer a wide variety of services including surgery, diagnostic laboratory testing, radiology, hospitalization, dental care, and more. Our hospital's state-of-the-art equipment, combined with advanced surgical and health care procedures, means patients receive the best care available.

  • Preventative Care - For dogs and cats, as well as puppies and kittens, we have what they need to keep them healthy year-round.
Chavez, Chico 5934 MK yes (2)









Keeler, Lilli - spay recovery


laboratory diagnostics







  • Surgical Services - We offer a wide variety of surgical procedures from spays and neuters to growth removals and surgical repairs.
Dr Distajo laser surgery
  • Dental Cleanings - We have experienced veterinary technicians and assistants that can polish your pet's teeth to perfection.
dental after








  • Ultrasound Imaging - Ultrasound imaging is a non-invasive procedure where sound waves are bounced through your pet's body, then collected by the ultrasound probe to make real-time images of the internal organs. This process is completely painless and generally involves your pet lying on its back on a table.
  • Digital Radiography - We have a digital X-ray room that takes images able to be viewed within seconds.
Bisou xray image of abdomen - Crop









  • Endoscopic Imaging - We have special new equipment to take images and video of the esophagus and lungs while your pet is sedated.

Dr. King endoscopy

  • Cat Only HoursOn Tuesday mornings between 9:00 am and 11:00 am, our lobby and exam rooms are reserved for cats!  This is purrfect for cats who don't like being around dogs.








  • Medical Day Stays and HospitalizationNeed to go to work and your pet is sick? Daycare services and hospitalization are available for current patients. Pets are examined, treated, and observed throughout the day.
Ruby Roosevelt & Reggie Red



pharmacy pet medications









Samson prowling

  • Dog Grooming by Kim - We have a wonderful, experienced groomer named Kim who works on-site to get your dogs looking their best!
Kim & Honey









  • Boarding and Daycare - We offer day and overnight boarding for cats, dogs, and some other furry animals!
Nimby looking out window in feline boarding (2)


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