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How to trim your pet's nails


Regular nail trimming is very important. Nails that are not properly trimmed may crack, split, or break-off completely and that could lead to an infection or severe discomfort for your pet.

When your pet’s nails have been properly trimmed their weight should rest on their pads. You should not hear their nails click when walking on hard floors.

To help make the nail trimming process go smoothly, follow these three suggestions:

  1. Start training your pet at an early age to stand quietly
  2. Use the right type of nail trimmers
  3. Know where the “quick” or the vascular part of the nail begins. If you accidently cut the quick it will bleed. Bleeding is not serious and can be stopped by applying pressure on the nail, a styptic pencil, or simply putting corn starch on the end of the affected nail.


To properly trim your pet’s nails:

  1. Place your thumb on the top of the toe and your forefinger on the pad and gently extend the nail.
  2. Place the nail trimmer over the nail. Initially the cut blade should be parallel with the bottom of the pad, then rotate the trimmer’s blade up about 30 degrees and cut the nail.
  3. When trimming nails, several smaller cuts should be made to avoid damaging the quick. Once you approach the quick you will notice a small circle in the center of the nail, this is a sign to stop cutting.


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