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Treatment area of animal hospital with nurses doing blood draw

Bronchoscopy is a procedure that uses a tiny video camera at the end of a very narrow scope in order to see inside the lungs and air passages. Our practice uses bronchoscopy for diagnostic purposes because it is minimally invasive and the procedure requires relatively little recovery.

Before the bronchoscopy, our practice will first perform a full physical exam. Because of the use of anesthesia, your pet may require blood tests to ensure sure the ability to properly metabolize the medications. Our practice then administers the anesthesia and carefully monitors your pet during the entire procedure. After the procedure, we gently awaken your pet from the anesthesia and in most cases you can take you pet home the same day.

Dr. Molly King has received extensive training on bronchoscopy and frequently does continuing education to learn about new developments in the field. She performs all of the bronchoscopy procedures at Orchard Road Animal Hospital.

Technicians and veterinarian in treatment area of hospital with dog

Bronchoscopy allows our practice to view the throat and lungs and identify issues such as polyps, foreign bodies or lung cancer.

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